"Windows - world - to the soul"

A Heartwarming Story

Dear Friends

A few years ago, the Yeshiva bought a new building and since then we have slowly been upgrading and remodeling. One of the upgrades needed was to install windows in the large Beis Midrash. Being that it is very costly, and we never seem to have extra funds, it always got pushed off. For the beginning of this school year, I decided that enough is enough and I would "take the plunge". After much preparation the windows were finally installed last friday (see enclosed).

During installation, One of the bachurim asked the installers if they were Jewish by any chance. One of them replied, "I am not, but my mother was". The boy stopped and quickly explained to him that according to Halacha he was actually Jewish. 

The worker was so excited (being that his mother intermarried, her family had cut all ties with her). The boy told him that if he puts in Tefillin - for the first time in his life - it will be his Bar Mitzva. He started to cry... I came into Yeshiva and saw what was going on and I asked him for his name and gave him the number to the local Shliach in his area... he called him and now he has Mezuzos on his front door (see enclosed)! Mitzva goreres mitzva! 

The Rambam (hilchos teshuva) writes:"Accordingly, throughout the entire year, a person should always view himself as equally balanced between merit and sin and the world as equally balanced between merit and sin....if he performs one mitzva, he tips his balance and that of the entire world to the side of merit and brings deliverance and salvation to himself and others. This is implied by (Proverbs 10:25): 'A righteous man is the foundation of the world,' i.e., he who acted righteously, tipped the balance of the entire world to merit and saved it."

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Hatzlacha Rabbah!  Moshiach Now!

Rabbi Gershon Avtzon
Rabbinical Yeshivas Lubavitch of Cincinnati

"Preparing for Moshiach"! "Year of Hakhel!"